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medical_release_form.pdf (must be filled out- give to coach at first practice).
School Enrollment Form
Softball Rules
Baseball Rules
Residency Eligibility
Bat Rules
Tee Ball Overview
Tee Ball Parents Guide
Parent Code of Conduct
BISD Boundary Map
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BLL Constitution

1. When will I know what team my child is on?
The league will schedule Spring/Fall  Player Evaluations (not for tball) with the draft typically occurring the following week. After the draft is complete, managers for the Majors and Minors division will notify each player of what team they are on. Parents and players will be notified by email and/or phone call of their team placement as soon as teams are set.  Check the website for details as things progress.
2. What if I missed registration?
Once we get to the end of our registration dates, any further registrations will be put on the waiting list. The number of teams that will be formed is based on the number of players that register and this needs to be frozen at some point. Once the number of teams is determined for each level, the league begins the manager selection process, orders any necessary equipment and uniforms for that number of teams, and sets all the schedules. It is not feasible to go back and add more teams later because of the amount of planning and lead time required. We will do our best to accommodate everyone who signs up and take players from the waiting list as spots open up.
3. How do I know if I am eligible to play in Boerne Little League ?
In order to play in BLL, your child's residence or school they attend must reside within the Boerne Little League Boundaries. 
4. Who keeps score of the games?
Each team at the Minor and Major level is required to have a scorekeeper who is familiar with keeping score. There are typically one or more parents from each team that volunteer to keep score when needed by the manager. Score keeping training is made available to those who need it before the season starts. Generally, the home and visitor scorekeepers sit together during the game to score consistently. The home team scorebook is the official scorebook. If there are any questions by the umpire or others on the status of the game, the home scorebook is used. Score is not tracked in the T-ball division (as these games are instructional) and a scorekeeper is not required from teams at these levels.
5. What does the league provide?
At minimum, your child will need a baseball glove and boys also will need to wear an athletic supporter. In the spring season, the league will supply a jersey, belt, and hat. In the fall season, the league will supply only the team jersey and hat. Softball will receive a jersey, socks, and belt. It is strongly suggested all girls wear a face mask.  Most children will also require uniform pants, belt, and (non-metal) cleats, which the league does not provide. Players bring their own bats and helmets. Some bats and helmets may be provided, but this is not guaranteed by the league. Please note that any equipment you purchase on your own must meet the current year Little League equipment guidelines.
6. My child has never played before, what level should he/she be placed?
It is our goal that players are drafted or placed into the appropriate division based primarily on their skill level although there are age restrictions as well. Every player that has registered will be placed on a team; there are no "cuts"!
7. Why does registration occur so far in advance?
There is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into properly setting up all the divisions: Managers must be interviewed and selected, player evaluations in Minors and Majors have to take place, then rosters have to be set, uniforms/equipment have to be ordered and schedules have to be made. Many other things go on behind the scenes to make the Little League experience a great one for everyone involved. It is a lot of work and the board members do all this on a volunteer basis - nobody gets paid!
8. When does the season start and end?
The spring season typically starts after spring break, and ends with the school year. Games are random, Monday-Saturday.  In the fall, first games will typically be after labor day, and end by November 1st. Games in the fall are Monday-Thursday only.
9. I am a new coach, how can I reserve a field for my team to practice on?
Contact your division commissioner for the schedule and time reservations. Otherwise, it is wise to find an open field for your team to practice on. BLL has many teams, and very limited fields. Once the season starts, the fields at Northrup park will be used for games, not practices. There are many locations around Boerne, get creative! Boerne Middle School south-- they have a huge open field, Fair Oaks Ranch Elementary School, lots of churches with open fields, the Dugout of Boerne.

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